Kyocera Display

Kyocera Corporation acquired Optrex Corporation in 2012, expanding and strengthening Kyocera’s global LCD business by adding a production, sales, marketing and R&D base with nearly four decades of experience and continuous innovation in LCD technology. Kyocera Display Division’s long history of providing high quality, long term product support and unmatched customer service has made us a leader in the Industrial and Automotive display markets we serve.  Kyocera is not just your display supplier, we are the total solution display partner for our customers.… Read More

Industrial TFT Displays with LED Backlights

In the world of industrial displays, the technology used to create them is constantly evolving. One such technology is the use of LED backlights for TFT displays. This technology has been around for a while, but it is only recently that it has become more popular in the industrial world. Our displays feature exceptionally high contrast, color saturation and superior performance enhancements such as Advanced Wide Viewing (AWV) for true color fidelity, Super-High Brightness (SHB) and Wide Temperature range.… Read More

Kodenshi Auk

Kodenshi AUK manufacturer and sales of optical semiconductor devices. The company’s products are used for mobile devices, digital home appliance, lighting, office automation, amusement, robot, and automobile applications. The broadening possibilities of light are the future for KODENSHI.
The 21st Century is upon us and we are experiencing an ever more rapid rate of change. We are now in a multimedia society where reciprocal communication and information sharing through computers, audio-visual devices has become a reality.… Read More


Heatscape a custom heat sink company was established in 1999 with the goal of providing advanced thermal engineering and design services to customers in Silicon Valley with increasing thermal and mechanical challenges. For the past 15+ years, Heatscape has grown from that small consulting firm with local reach to a global engineering and manufacturing solutions company with the ability to support our customers worldwide.… Read More


Founded in Silicon Valley in 2002, Foremay, Inc., is a leading company dedicated to designing and developing of rugged Solid State Drives (SSD) for mission critical computing, industrial computing, embedded computing and rugged servers. Foremay’s vision is to bring high reliability, high ruggedness, high security, high performance and low power consumption (“Green Initiatives”) to rugged flash hard drive industry.… Read More