Circuit Assembly

Circuit Assembly has been in business since 1969 and we don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Our team is filled with experts who have extensive knowledge and experience, so we are always able and willing to help solve our customers’ individual problems.… Read More


Acoustic electronic components are devices that produce sound using electronic signals. These devices are commonly used in various applications such as alarms, sirens, buzzers, and speakers. The technology behind acoustic electronic components is constantly evolving and improving, providing high-quality sound output with increased efficiency and durability.… Read More


In the world of electronics, managing heat is a critical aspect that should not be overlooked. The heat generated by electronic components can affect their performance and lifespan, leading to serious problems such as overheating and malfunctioning. One of the most effective solutions to manage heat is by using heatsinks. A heatsink is a passive cooling device that dissipates heat away from electronic components and regulates their temperature. In this article, we will discuss how heatsinks work, their advantages and limitations, and their applications.… Read More


Electronic connectors are an integral part of modern technology that have revolutionized the way electronic devices are connected and operate. They allow for easy and secure connections between electronic components, and are used in a wide range of applications, from consumer electronics to medical devices and aerospace equipment. In this article, we will explore the technology behind electronic connectors, their advantages and limitations, and their various applications.… Read More

Planetary Gearboxes

Planetary gearboxes, also known as epicyclic gearboxes, are a type of gear system used in a wide range of applications. This technology has been around for centuries and has been used in many different forms, from the earliest windmills to the most advanced industrial machinery. Planetary gearboxes are known for their compact design, high efficiency, and ability to handle high loads. In this article, we will discuss how planetary gearboxes work, their advantages and limitations, and their applications.… Read More

LCD Displays

Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) are a common type of flat-panel display used in a wide range of electronic devices, from televisions to computer monitors, smartphones, and digital watches. LCD technology has become a dominant force in the display industry due to its high resolution, low power consumption, and the ability to display a wide range of colors.… Read More

Helping small and large businesses with Custom Cable Assembly, Connector Manufacturing, and Box Builds since 1969

Anxo Components is thrilled to announce our exciting new partnership with Circuit Assembly, a leading provider of high-quality connectors and cable assemblies. Starting on January 1st, 2023, Anxo Components will serve as the exclusive sales representative for Circuit Assembly in Mexico, bringing their top-of-the-line products to a wider audience.… Read More

Kyocera’s New “HAPTIVITY® i” Revolutionizes Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Kyoto/London − Kyocera unveiled its HAPTIVITY® i human-machine interface (HMI) technology — a hybrid innovation combining its patented HAPTIVITY® touch technology with IMSETM, a patented 3D injection-molded structural electronics technology from TactoTek Oy. The result lets designers create HMI solutions in a vast range of 3D shapes, with thinner form factors, fewer components, improved vibration resistance, and significantly reduced weight. Additionally, because they are fully integrated … Read More

Kyocera – 3D-Augmented Reality Head-Up Display

Kyocera’s latest developments for creating a safe and comfortable mobility society include its “3D Augmented Reality Head-up Display,” which supports driver safety and comfort — as well as Kyocera’s patented HAPTIVITY ®* touchscreen display technology, which simulates a variety of realistic tactile sensations to revolutionize the human-machine interface.… Read More

Kyocera MIP technology displays open up new applications

Kyocera has launched the latest MIP Technology (Memory in Pixel) for a new solution for LCDs on the market. The Japanese ceramic expert combines three essential factors: The displays are outstanding with low power consumption, high image quality and fast switching times. The technology allows new applications, like smart watches, healthcare devices, sub displays of DSLR or IC recorders. To expand the battery lifetime all pixels include a SRAM memory. This results in a low power consumption for static image down to 5µW. By the power saving pixel selection method, only the selected pixel were driven. Which is different to the line selection method.… Read More