ANXO Components is an Electronics Manufacturer Rep Firm specialized in Motion Control and Thermal Control Products. We also specialized in High Resolution TFT Displays with unequaled levels of visual performance.

  • Incorporated in México
  • Founded in 2002.
  • Only experienced people in our team.
  • HQ Based in Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • Territory served: Mexico & Latin América
About Us

Our business vision

We establish contact not only with procurement and sales departments, we make a complete interface between customers and principals because we have the experience and knowledge to work with different departments and areas involved in the sales, procurement, logistics and support areas at the interior of our customers and principals. We do not only represent companies, we support customers and principals with the best services to help them to make business in the best way in our marketplace.

Anxo Strengths

  • Managed growth
  • Responsibility and professionalism to:
    • Ourselves
    • Principals
    • Customers
  • Account knowledge & relationships at all levels.
  • Excellent engineering team.
  • Experience in logistics, import- export and special programs that our customers require.
  • Team work
  • Quality people
    • People who consistently perform at a high level and get the job done

Anxo Components has truly become a solutions company continue to service the largest names in Mexico and throughout the world.

We need to understand our neighbors, appreciate their cultures and empathize with their needs if we are to communicate effectively with them. To succeed in this new Global Marketplace requires both the vision and the necessary tools: the software, the hardware and the people.

Anxo Components is able to draw on a vast pool of knowledge and experience in solving clients’ needs to meet the changing face of a product’s life. We believe we have succeeded because we understand and invest in the future. Investment in partnerships with our clients, investment in partnerships with our principals and investment in the people that make them work.

Anxo Components aggressively seeks the most Competitive Manufacturing partners for quality, price, delivery, technology and flexibility. It is through these partners that Anxo provides integrated solutions to produce the demanding specifications and, through extensive processes, their delivery to the market place quickly and effectively.