Memory-In-Pixel (MIP) Technology

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Memory In Pixel Technology

Memory-In-Pixel (MIP) Technology

With a randomly accessed stored bit per pixel cell structure, you address pixels individually, refreshing only those pixels which need to be changed thereby reducing power requirements.The extremely low power LCD cell structure design makes these displays excellent candidates for battery powered applications, such as wearable medical devices, wearable sports gear, Internet-of-Things products and other portable applications.

The MIP technology provides:

  • Ultra-Low Power in Static Mode
  • Low Power when Changing Images
  • Contrast Ratio > 24:1
  • Reflectance > 17%

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2 Responses

  • HI, I am interested in the MIP LCD. May i have more detail spec of this product. Where is manufacturer? Who is the original manufacturer?
    Our application is wearable medical device. Hence this LCD is very suitable for us.
    But wonder is it bendable? curve?

    • Thank you for your inquiry. The manufacturer is Kyocera Display, I can provide you more detailed information about our MIP LCD’s. The display is not bendable, we have medical certifications. Thank you

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