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Talon Clip

Talon Clip

Talon clip® is designed for easy heat sink installation. Each installation takes less than 5 seconds to complete. Talon clip’s advance technology can not only improve heat dissipation, but also reduce installation time and cost. Talon clip® has been employed by thousands of companies in worldwide. Talon clip®, an innovation solution that can provide ultimate performance for your thermal demand

Talon Clip® Advantages

Quick and Easy Installation, Re-Usable. It is tool free, and takes less than 5 seconds to install the heatsink with cooler on chipset. It is very simple to take down, and can be reused over time.

Time and Cost Savings

Reduce assembly time lead to decrease in total cost.

Prevent Looseness

The Talon clip® can prevent heatsink from loosening caused by fan vibration or change in physical adhesive material cause by heat or aged.

Ultimate Effectiveness

IC chips usually will use molding compound or flip chip as a finishing. When using high adhesive material as the attachment on either packages or dies, which allows them to be used in conjunction with conventional heatsinks, higher adhesive materials result in lower thermal conductivity. By using the Talon clips, phase change materials can be applied when packaging a molding compound or die in order to increase its heat dissipation and also compensate micro-channel and roughness surface for both conjunctions.

Flexibility for PC Board/IC designs

When designing PC boards, there are areas that need to be reserved for heatsinks’ such as drilling holes or anchors soldering. With the Talon clip®, designers will not need to reserve any drilling holes or anchors soldering during circuit designing..

Home >> Products >> Heatsinks

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