SL Series Slotless

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SL Series Slotless

Slotless Brushless DC (SBLDC)

A slotless brushless DC (SBLDC) motor consists of a stator winding positioned inside a laminated stator ring (without conventional teeth) and a permanent magnet motor. This provides more peripheral space for the stator winding. This also allows more magnet surface area and more air gap flux.

Powerful rare earth magnets provide high torque to motor weight ratios. The absence of stator teeth enables more copper winding and power density which can develop more torque. It also eliminates torque cogging and minimizes audible noise.

Slotless Benefits

  • Simplified stator design
  • Good copper fill due to lack of teeth
  • Lower investment cost for new orrevised designs
  • High efficency, morework per battery chargemeans greater range
  • Elimination of cogging and ripple torque

Leading Technology

  • Proven in automotive, military and medical applicationsworldwide.
  • Installation in most of all major automotive manufacturers factories and government military hardware world wide.
  • Very high-speed capability (60000 RPN)
  • High power to weight ratio
  • High quality ball bearing for increased life
  • High temperature insulation for reliability
  • Standard Nema size line up
  • Customized housing, winding, laminationand powerful magnets
  • Customized lead terminations (I/O, specific color, different connectors)
  • Low magnetic saturation allows to operate several times higher than rated power toget very high torque for short intervals
  • Increased heat dissipation
  • Improved Kt
  • Suitable for medical, industry automation,and electronic assembly EC (electronicallycontrolled) position feedback system

Home >> Products >> Brushless DC Motors


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