FYD Series

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FYD Series < 2500 rpm


Distinguishing Features

Motors are designed in flat shape and in light weight

  • A special magnetic circuit design was employed newly.By this design, these motors are in flat shape, and in lighterweight than conventional standard AC motors.
  • This series have 61mm sq. (2.4 in sq.), 80 mm sq.(3.1 insq.), 90 mm sq. (3.5 in sq.) Flange sizes.

Compact designed Driver

  • “Palm Mini PLUS” Type is the smallest. (for 6W – 40W)
  • “Simple” Type is a driver of components mounted on aPCB. (for 6W – 15W)
  • “High power Simple” Type Low-cost circuit-board typedriver. (25W, 40W)

Wide Ranged Speed Control

  • Wide range (200r/min – 2500r/min), stepless speed control.”High power Simple” Type. (200r/min – 2000r/min)
  • Very steady characteristics (Feed back control employed).

Speed pulse output

  • Speed pulse output can be used for speed monitoring,simplified position control…
  • “Palm Mini PLUS” Type: 30ppr
  • “Simple” “High power Simple” Type: 5ppr dual signal (120 ̊phase difference)

Direction of rotation signal output

  • Direction of rotation can be monitored by this signal.(“Simple” type needs an external circuit.)


  • At an over-load condition, the motor stops and an alarmsignal is output.

Gear Head

  • Low-cost gear head for FY series is also available.

Rotor Cover (option) available

  • An aluminum heat sink (size: 200mm x 200mm, thickness:2mm or more) is required.

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