FHD Series

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FHD Series

DC24V (20, 40W) DC48V (60W)

Distinguishing Features

Motors are designed small and high performance

  • We recently released a special magnetic circuit designmotor. This motor design is smaller and has a higher performance than conventional FED, FYD series motors.
  • Flange size of this series is 61mm sq. (2.4 in sq.). Howeverflange size of 40W & 60W types are 80mm sq. (3.1 in sq.)

Compact design Driver

  • “Palm Mini R” Type is the smallest. (20W, 40W only)
  • “Palm Mini PLUS” Type is small. (20W, 40W only)
  • “J – Book” Type is (60W only)
  • High power type is a circuit-board and superconductingtype. (20W, 40W)

Wide Ranged Speed Control (60W only)

  • Wide range (200r/min-2500r/min 60W:65r/min-2500r/min),stepless speed control.
  • Very steady characteristics (Feed back control employed).

Speed pulse output

  • Speed pulse output can be used for speed monitoring,simplified position control…
  • “Palm Mini R” Type: 42 pulse/revolution
  • “Palm Mini PLUS” Type: 42 pulse/revolution
  • “J – Book” Type: 42 pulse/revolution
  • “High power simple” Type: 7 pulse/revolution output isavailable for speed monitoring and simplified positioncontrol are possible.

Direction of rotation signal output

  • Direction of rotation can be monitored by this signal.


  • At an over-load condition, the motor stops and an alarmsignal is output.

Home >> Products >> Brushless DC Motors


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